Illustrations from the city
After finding 3 chairs in the trash I decided to make good use of them by filling all the surfaces on the chairs with illustrations.The illustrations are inspired by the city of copenhagen. There are 3 different chairs with different illustrations all of them with the same conceptual visualisation. The front seat shows the city as a whole in a normal perspective. The top seat shows the city from a bird's perspective, either showing the park, the road or the lake in the city. The back of the seat shows the life of different citizens, the elderly couple, the teenagers, and the hectic family. The bottom of the seat, shows what is going on under the ground, whether it is pipes, dirt, skeletons and treasures or the metro. Last but not least, all the sides show items from a normal everyday city life. 
As part of an event in Arnold Busck Lab, I drew the parts of the 3rd chair for approx. 4 hours
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