Conveying unpleasant information to children

Nyre naboer (kidney neighbors) is a student project in collaboration with 3 other students for the danish hospital Rigshospitalet. The target group is children in the age of 6 – 10 years, who has kidney disease or are related to a family member with kidney disease. 

The product consist of an animation, a pamphlet and a website which conveys the challenges of having a kidney disease. The information is told through a univers, that functions as the visual identity of the product. Through a story in this visual identity we aim to simplify the information given by the doctors, to the children. 

The story is about a family with familymember that suddenly suffers from a kidney disease. Inside the family members body, we tell the story of what happens to the kidney. 

The univers inside the body function as a city, where every organ is a workplace. In each of these workplace a worker does his/ her job, which reflects the real anatomic function of that organ. After the tub inside the kidney is ruined, the kidney is overflown and the worker is therefor unable to work.

In collaboration with 3 other students, we worked together on collecting data about the user which we afterwards tried to understand and from that conceptualizing the idea that in the end created the final project in a way we all could add our specialities.